Welcome To Our Company

ABS has gained worldwide recognition for its exceptional proficiency in management system certifications. Our commitment extends beyond borders, as we actively engage in Pakistan, the USA, and Canada, focusing on Halal certification. With a team of experts and sharia advisors, we ensure the highest standards are met in this domain.

Over the years, we have diligently nurtured a team of auditors who possess the essential skills to navigate intricate scenarios and possess extensive experience in auditing various businesses. Their expertise empowers us to provide comprehensive audits and assessments.

Our range of services includes management system certifications encompassing ISO standards, food safety standards, as well as social and product safety standards. Moreover, we specialize in aiding the development of suppliers for foreign retailers and brands, ensuring their compliance with social, technical, and security Code of Conducts.

Additionally, we offer voluntary assessments in critical areas such as fire safety, HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment), social compliance, COVID-19 protocols, building safety, electrical safety, and food safety. By partnering with us, you can fortify and enhance your systems, driving your organization towards greater resilience and efficiency.